Who are The Men from Off ?

We are 14 blokes who discovered that singing is a great relief valve from the stresses of daily life. In what has become our typical approach we met  in a pub, started chatting, had a laugh, came up with crazy ideas and somehow blundered into forming the MFO group.

Singing  ability/experience were of secondary importance to enjoyment but we gradually evolved and now perform 3 and 4 part harmony songs. This is 6 or 7 fewer parts than when we began.  Our  harmonies have been based on the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach which has led us to be known as “The Fairly Close Harmony Singers”.

Many people are surprised to learn that we  meet regularly to rehearse. They are less surprised when they discover the venue is our local brewery the Three Tuns. We assure you this was chosen solely because it is the best acoustic room in town.

On rare(but valuable)occasions we have been honoured to receive expert tuition from John Kirkpatrick; Stephen Taberner the Spookymeister, and the wonderful one and only Polly Bolton. Quite what they thought of the experience we didn’t discover as unfortunately they each had a train to catch.

Our repertoire is based on Shropshire songs both traditional and contemporary, plus other songs which have a relevance to the Men From Off.
These include Route 44 – a song about our local cycle route;

Chainsaw – an anthem to the National Trust in Shropshire;

Drovers Tale    –  Bishops Castle was once an overnight stop for cattle drovers;

Weep Not  – a local funeral song in West Gallery style;

Bishops Castle on Sea (BC on Sea), a tale of how our our border home town was affected by an EU publication  that had a map of the EU on the front cover but omitted Wales!!!!!! . This has now been filmed and can be viewed here


Story telling Festival at the EdgeActon Scott the Victorian Farm; Ludlow Medieval Fair:  Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair,  Concerts in Ludlow, Llanymynech,  plus… other venues where we have discovered ways to get in without being spotted by security.

We also appear on a TV display in the new Shrewsbury museum, singing and explaining a well known folk song  about a local born lad who ran away to sea and eventually became  Admiral Benbow  and you can watch the video here………….


The Edgmond Mans Souling Song at Church Stretton Musicfest 2016.

There is an explanation of the song at the end.   Low budget videos-R-Us .




WHY?????? Answers and advice gladly received.

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